About Us

Mission and Vision

Sustainable Georgia Futures (“SGF”) is a nonpartisan grassroots organization dedicated to creating green economy pathways for Black and people of color. We are a Black-woman-led collective of expert organizers and community leaders working to build power in GA’s marginalized communities to advance an inclusive economy and promote environmental justice.

Who We Are

Sustainable Georgia Futures (SGF) is a nonpartisan grassroots organization dedicated to creating green economy pathways for people of color. We work to build open, honest, and accountable economic environments that serve the interest of all Georgians. We seek to empower people of color through educating community leaders and activists in the art of relational organizing.

Sustainable Georgia Futures employs community engagement, research, educational programming, and coalition building to increase awareness of the economic plight of Black people and people of color in Georgia. We promote solutions that empower these communities so they are no longer left behind.

Sustainable Georgia Futures

Backstory to the founding

Adrienne Rice founded Sustainable Georgia Futures in 2019 after returning home to her beloved hometown following years of organizing across the country and throughout the world. Upon arriving back to the Atlanta airport, she knew something had changed when the picture of the little girl from the 1996 Olympics with her arms outstretched was no longer there.

Intending to start a solar company when she moved back home, Adrienne ran into several barriers to get the company started, namely a good-old-boy network that made accessing the resources needed to successfully launch a challenge. She recognized the need for an organization like Sustainable Georgia Futures while trying to launch this solar company. The Black community of Georgia that help made Adrienne who she is needed access to opportunities to close the racial wealth gap through this rapidly-developing, cutting edge green economy growing in Georgia.

Since starting Sustainable Georgia Futures in 2019, the organization has participated in the inaugural cohort of President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative; conducted several workshops on climate gentrification, power mapping, and other key environmental justice and organizing topics; and stewarding the first project phase of the City of Atlanta’s WeatheRISE ATL campaign.

If Black and marginalized communities in Georgia can build collective power, then Black and communities of color can lead the way toward equitable change that works for all.

Create pathways to the green economy for Black and communities of color