Creating pathways to an equitable green economy

We’re a non-profit dedicated to helping BIPOC communities grow and thrive in the green industry.

Create a Better Tomorrow

Create a Better Tomorrow

Advance Equality for All

Advance Equality for All

Level the Playing Field

Level the Playing Field

The climate crisis hits BIPOC communities disproportionately

Climate change is happening to all of us, but the impacts aren’t borne equally and fairly across all communities. BIPOC communities are left vulnerable to suffer the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

We’re ignored and left out of the solutions that address climate change, while the creation of policies and projects favor the majority, privileged group. The cycle is all too familiar.

At Sustainable Georgia Futures (SGF), we stand at the frontline of the fight for a better environment and future for our people. We work to close the racial wealth gap by equipping our brothers and sisters with the knowledge, opportunities, and resources to grow and thrive in a budding green economy.

Join Us and Make a Real Impact

Create a Better Tomorrow for Present and Future Generations

We push for BIPOC inclusion in thriving green economic spaces, where they can access good jobs, better wages, and a clean future. With your active involvement, we can fight social and environmental injustice that affects underserved BIPOC communities.

Promote a Just and Equal Society

As the climate crisis progresses, we need to further amplify the voices of those on the front lines of climate degradation. As climate-resilient areas become more expensive, BIPOC residents are pushed out of communities that they’ve lived in for generations. This phenomenon, known as climate gentrification, is one of our most pressing environmental justice issues in Georgia.

Make the Planet a Safer Place for Everyone

Our campaigns play a key role in laying the foundation for healthier BIPOC communities and the planet. By promoting clean energy, we work to leave a better world for our children and future generations.

How It Works

01Join The Fight

Building a better future requires your involvement. Join the fellowship program, attend meetings, participate in surveys, or make a donation.

02Stay Active

Show your continuous support and stay committed to the cause.

03Make a Real Impact

See your efforts bring real impacts as we advance a sustainable society where BIPOC rights are upheld in harmony with the earth.

Join the Fight

Join the fight by taking part in the Fellowship Program, attending a CJEM, or making a donation.

Sankofa Community Issue Assembly

The Sankofa Community Issue Assembly is an assembly that will help us identify one to two community issues that are most deeply and widely felt. We will build county leadership teams and teams for research actions based on these issues. SGF’s ultimate goal is to build environmental climate justice leadership teams in the following target counties: Fulton, Dekalb, Clayton, Gwinnett, Cobb, Bibb, Chatham, Richmond, Dougherty, Muscogee, and Lowndes counties.