Climate Justice Education Meetings

Our movement is led by the people closest to the problem. We conduct house meetings to build consensus on the key issues we face. Organizers and community leaders facilitate small group discussions about climate justice in the affected communities.

We build relationships, surface issues and plan strategy. House meetings led to the creation of a collective gathering called an Issues Assembly. The Issues Assembly is where we build consensus on issues to address and devise action plans.

Want to see a CJEM in action? Watch our latest CJEM here!

In June, we dissected Georgia’s Public Service Commission–who they are, what they do, their connection to Georgia Power and electric membership cooperatives, and ultimately how their decisions impact us as consumers.

This CJEM was a little different. In lieu of a house meeting, we conducted a collective power mapping activity focused on the Public Service Commission. It was a night of dynamic, community-driven conversation, and power analysis.  We look forward to continuing the conversation with you on July 21st. Be sure to register using the link below!